Baby Powder Fragrance Oil, Glass Amber Bottle, Therapeutic, Classic Scent - 8oz

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Baby Powder Fragrance Oil, Glass Amber Bottle, Therapeutic, Classic Scent

Baby Powder

Bring that homely smell to your living space with BargzOils baby powder fragrance oil.
This clean and fresh fragrance boasts powdery and delicate floral undertones. If you are looking for a truly luxurious decadent flavor, Baby Powder fragrance oil is just what you need. Use this premium grade essential oil to make your own candles, air freshener sprays, soaps, skincare formulations, cleaning products, and more.

The World’s Greatest Smell, Now Bottled

High concentration baby powder essential oil for use in your home or car. Our baby powder scent fragrance oils are phthalate free and formulated for cosmetic purposes in your living spaces. The BargzOils baby powder fragrance oil is perfect for potpourri, sugar scrubs, home aroma diffusers, and scented dryers among many others. What’s more, freshen carpets, drawers, and use this lovely perfume oil as you use for cosmetic purposes at home.

Active Components

      • Benzyl benzoate
      • Isoraldeine 70
      • Amyl salicylate
      • Benzyl acetate
      • Musk ketone
      • Anisic aldehyde
      • Linalool
      • Coumarin
      • Amyl cinnamic aldehyde
      • Citronellol
      • Phenyl propyl alcohol
      • Cedryl acetate
      • Benzyl cinnamate
      • Diethyl phthalate
      • Methyl cinnamate
      • Vanillin
      • Cedarwood oil
      • Geraniol 600

Why Baby Powder Fragrance Oil?

For ages, baby powder has been used by new parents to fight diaper rash on babies. It’s traditionally created from corn starch or similar substances. Thanks to its widespread use around the world, baby powder is subconsciously associated with the joy that comes along with caring for our little ones. Our baby powder fragrance oil is inspired by this novelty and is designed to bring an aura of soft freshness to your cosmetics, shampoos, deodorants and cleaning supplies.

Recommended Usage

      • Bath oils, bath gels, and soaps - use 5%
      • Lotions and perfumes - use 5%
      • Cleaning products - use 5%
      • Incense and potpourri - maximum use 50%

Fragrance Disclosure

      • Phthalate Free - Yes
      • Flash Point - 94 °C / 202 °F
      • Gel Wax Compatibility – Yes
      • Precautions - may cause skin and eye irritations

A Soft, Classic Scent

Bring a clean, classic scent to your living spaces with the Bargzoils baby powder fragrance oil. Add this product to your cleaning products or use it as you please to take advantage of its delicate, light and fresh air fragrance.

Many people associate the gentle aroma of Bargzoils baby powder with the sensation of holding a baby. This nostalgic feeling is what inspires us to continue creating high-quality baby powder perfume oils. The oil has a creamy and slightly sweet note, and blends perfectly well with floral scents, adding that soft touch of freshness to all your homemade items.

Therapeutic Grade Oil

You’ll love the amazing fragrance of this therapeutic grade baby powder essential oil. It smells just like baby powder can be used with a batch of household products. If you’re looking for an ideal way to bring a smooth soothing fragrance to your home the baby powder oil from Bargzoils will suffice. Even better, a made-for-convenience amber glass bottle with a euro type diffuser makes it easier to take advantage of the baby powder essential oil without creating a mess.

Note: Because our fragrances are 100% concentrated, we suggest that you test them with finished products before making any conclusions.

CAUTIONS: Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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