Zekpro Cheese Grater, Stainless Steel Razor Sharp Zester for Ginger, Garlic, Nutmeg, Chocolate, Vegetables, Fruits Dishwasher Safe Black Handle with Protective Cover

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Are you always preparing food for large groups? Is cheese your favorite ingredient? Say no more! This Pro Cheese Grater from Zekpro can help you prepare all the cheese that you need. Parmesan cheese tastes a lot better when it is grated. You won't buy processed parmesan cheese again once you've tasted the difference between a block of parmesan that is grated and a market-available one.

A lot of other different food is better when grated. Some examples are nutmeg, butter, ginger, chocolate, onions, garlic, fresh bread crumbs, cinnamon, and hard-boiled egg.

The Pro Cheese Grater from Zekpro is a very useful kitchen accessory. Wherein there is a handle and a flat bar where the blades are installed. There is also an additional feature called the sturdy rubber stabilizing bar at the top portion which can be planted firm when the grater is in use so that your downward force is supported.

It has a wide grating area made out of very sharp stainless steel blades. You can grate in larger quantities now. Got a big block of cheese? No problem! Some cinnamon or horseradish? No problem! This Pro Cheese Grater can do the job for you. It can lessen a lot of your preparation time. Plus, the outcome is always different compared to a knife. A professional chef will take longer to produce the same results using a knife.

This Pro Cheese Grater comes with a plastic covering that protects the blade area from dirt and dust build-up. It also has a hole right at the bottom of the handle for easy storage. Overall, this kitchen tool is easy to use and easy to store. It's also very easy to wash. Busy person? Don't worry because this is also dishwashing machine friendly! Get your Zekpro Pro Cheese Grater now while there are still stocks!

COMES WITH A PROTECTIVE PLASTIC COVERING ON THE BLADE AREA - are you thinking about the dust that builds up every time you’re not using your kitchen tools? The Pro Cheese Grater from Zekpro comes with a plastic covering that helps in preventing dirt buildup when the grater is not in use. It also helps in preserving the quality of this kitchen tool for a very long time.

STAINLESS STEEL RAZOR-SHARP BLADES - do you love fruits and vegetables that much but you’re having difficulties preparing them? The blades can cut through any vegetable or fruit peeling. It can cut be used even on horseradish, cheese, and frozen ginger! Preserve your ginger long by grating them frozen and then instantly returning it to the fridge. Think of all the veggies this tool can cut.

IT PROVIDES AN ERGONOMIC HANDLEBAR - are you having problems with your kitchen tools that always slips by the handles? Your safety always comes to our mind first! The pro cheese grater by Zekpro comes in a black rubber handlebar that fits the hand very well. The rubber material gives you a good grip so that it will never slip while you’re using it.

RUBBER ENCASED FOOTING FOR STABILITY - did you previously own something like this and find it hard to use? Change your view with our product. Its top portion has a supporting stand that is enclosed in rubber to allow a firm position when grating. This helps you have an optimum angle to allow a better and easier grating experience.

FEATURES CONVENIENT AND EASY STORAGE - do you happen to own a lot of different small kitchen equipment? The Pro Cheese Grater from Zekpro comes with a built-in hole on the handlebar to allow being effortlessly hooked to kitchen racks. It is very easy to store because it also fits inside any kitchen drawer.

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